Training Camp

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Shiitake Production Training Camp

For those who are interested in a Shiitake production, we offer a right program that lets you learn the production method, know-how and tips you need to know in three days training camp.
We have been researching on the better production method for more than 45 years. Regardless of how much you know about Shiitake production now, we are happy to share our latest information through this camp.

[About the camp]
- Specifically held for non-Japanese residents (basically, group of two people).
- Ride from and to the airport in Kansai area provided.
- We can offer the meal.
- Accomodation: Hotel near our place available at your own cost.
- Please contact us first to check the availability.

1st day: Arrive at Okuda’s place. Introduction of our method, equipments, necessary information, etc.
2nd day: Visit Shiitake farmers in Tokushima and Farmers’ market.
3rd day: Summary and leaving for your own production.
(After the camp, you may have some more days to visit other places in Japan for tourism.)

150,000yen (Two people)


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